por gascondaniel


On 21 Octuber 2012 Javier Tomeo and I were invited to speak on the Radio Zaragoza/Cadena Ser programme A vivir Aragón, directed and hosted by Miguel Mena. We were to talk about Tomeo’s Cuentos completos, which had just been published by Páginas de Espuma. Tomeo had difficulties walking and we had to take a service lift behind the radio. Miguel Mena asked Tomeo about his stories, the themes in his work and the way he saw  the world. He reminded Tomeo that the city of Zaragoza had nominated him as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1999. Tomeo replied that the Nobel Prize had become an act of political affirmation. Every place wanted to have a Nobel Prize or an Everest-conquering climber. So, he said, “I don’t think it’s that important.”

“If I received the Nobel Prize,” he said, “it would present me with the problem of how should I go and receive the Prize, maybe with a kerchief  wrapped around my head, like a good Aragonese man, because, I don’t know, there was a guy who went dressed as a Colombian… Who? García Márquez…”

“Yes, García Márquez  sported a guayabera, typical from his…,” replied Miguel.

“Well, then, I would probably go with a tightly-wrapped head.”

[You can listen to the podcast here. The interview with Tomeo starts at 1:20:30. The Nobel conversation starts at 1:26.]

[Tomeo according to Luis Grañena.]